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Maddison OFF-ROAD Camper Trailer

    The MADDISON, this entry level camper trailer is modestly appointed with features to suit almost anyone. With its one piece galvanised chassis rail, full aluminium body and off-road spring pack the MADDISON still boasts the tough inner quality of a top of the range model.

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Maddison 'STAIRCASE' OFF-ROAD Camper Trailer

    The MADDISON STAIRCASE is big on features, offering the same tried and tested quality as other models in the range. This camper trailer features the integrated staircase and a number of standard inclusions that allow you to upgrade and add-on as you go

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Explorer 'STAIRCASE' OFF-ROAD Camper Trailer

    The EXPLORER STAIRCASE has revolutionised comfort levels of camper trailer camping. With our unique ‘Staircase’ design you no longer have to climb up and over to get into bed, simply walk up the integrated staircase. Tough chassis and aluminium body combined with electric brakes and 4WD running gear, this is the ultimate ‘all-rounder’

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Custom Designs

Camper Trailer Upgrades

Excalabar 'STAIRCASE' OFF-ROAD Camper Trailer

    The EXCALABAR is the ultimate go anywhere flagship of our range. The EXCALABAR has been tested in the bush, beach and outback and passed with top marks. This camper trailer maximises the use of the space and combines practicality with ultimate comfort. The EXCALABAR camper trailer has been developed with the attitude of ‘why leave home without it’

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