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Jimboomba Camper Trailers  is about producing a product that meets and exceeds it's customers expectations. Your feedback is much appreciated and used by our design staff to evolve and develop the product, so we would love to hear from you.



Were Excited Jimboomba OTW
At last we are going to take possesion of our first CT a 2009 Jimboomba Maddison Off Roader. We are so happy to find one at last second hand used 3 times on tar garaged and like brand spanking new. As i was thinking about purchasing a CT i thought if this guy builds like that his CTs must be good.Turns out they are and have wanted one for awhile.Funny how things come about.Well now i just have to drive 10hrs to get it but it will be worth it, these are hard to come by second hand.Anyway we phoned the Spirit of Tasmania today and told them forget the tent well be haulin a CT over next Feb cant wait.
Rhys Miles wrote on your timeline.
I put your dust proof seals to the test last weekend... Very impressed, not a speck of dust. U need to change your specs to 110% dust proof

Troy and I hunted for a camper trailer for two years just to find the right combination of quality and craftsmanship (which we wanted the best of) as well as design and usability. We stumbled across Jimboomba Camper Trailers by sheer fluke and we would now never turn back. After just picking up our trailer in March we have some very serious plans to make it our home away from home. This is the best trailer that we could find and seriously the only trailer that anyone should buy

Thank you again for your personability and hospitality.

Jenny & Troy - Explorer - Staircase (QLD)



We cannot tell you just how much we love our new camper trailer, we have not only bought a mobility solution and comfortable accomodation but we have most importantly bought a life.  Since we purcahsed the Explorer in April we have hadrly been at home as we have taken every opportunity to go camping.  We keep the trailer packed which  means that we are virtually ready to go on a whim.  Attached are some photos from some of our recent getaways. We now look forward to adding the extra room as our ensuite and the seabreeze to complete the setup and continue exploring what Australia has on offer.  This is the best investment we have made.


Shirl McLachlan

The pic of the camper all set up shows the only dust, water or mud to get into the camper. (Only dust on the outside) One of the BEST features of the camper (in wet weather) is the ability to open and close the windows at either end of the bed from inside. The weather was pretty dreadful on the trip and many a time we were woken by a shower in the middle of the night. I could hear the cursing from neighbours getting out of a comfy bed to get out into the rain to close their windows. (Gave me many a sly smile) The pics of me being a little hung up are at the Palm Creek crossing on the Telegraph Track. Nothing a little winching didn’t fix.. In all, my wife and I were more than happy with the performance of our Madison camper. It is a very capable package and tracks behind the Hilux perfectly. We have added a 20w solar panel onto the toolbox to keep the battery trickle charged at all times. (Mainly for when not in use, but also covers led lights used at night) We also added electric brakes for those slippery descents into nasty creek crossings (very handy with the over-ride function)


Wade & Caroline Miles
Moranbah QLD

After picking up our new Excalabar in September 2009 we absolutely love it. We looked for the perfect camper trailer for over 12 months and after finding Jimboomba Camper Trailers we knew we had found what we were looking for. After flying up to look at the product it confirmed our thoughts. The after sales support has been absolutely superb and the staff were extremely helpful throughout the whole design and manufacturing Process. The build Quality is just superb and some of the best aluminium welding i have seen also i have never seen another kitchen like the gourmet kitchen we ordered with our trailer and well worth the extra money. Just be prepared for all the attention and questions you will receive when out travelling.

Troy and Emily Hampton
Melbourne, Victoria

Hi guys, you recently retrofitted my new caravan with some front boot sliding toolboxes, so the purpose of this email was to let you know how satisfied I am with the job and to sing your praise. (Rare these days) I am a part owner of a large organisation dealing with repairers and manufactures on a daily basis, every week I get let down in some way from poor workmanship, supplier delays, overcommitted and under deliver. It is a pleasure to deal with people who know how to produce quality and great customer service. My expectations are very high and I applaud you for reaching them. Congratulations to all involved as it is a team effort, and I do praise you for a job well done.

Thank you,

Andrew Clarke