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At JIMBOOMBA CAMPER TRAILER , we respect and understand that before you make your investment and decision to become part of the ever growing family of JIMBOOMBA CAMPER TRAILERS owners, you may have a number of questions. So here we have listed a number of FAQ's that may be of interest before your purchase, during your order and long after you have taken delivery of your camper trailer. Certainly if you can not find what you are looking for or would like to discuss the range further please phone us direct and our friendly staff would be more then happy to dicuss and answer as many questions as possible.



Why choose an Aluminium Camper Trailer?

The Australian climate is a harsh environment, and when it comes to steel rust is a killer that will take its toll. No matter how much you spray galvanise, zinc coat, powder coat or paint a steel trailer, it will be susceptible to rust as the coating wears away from the steel. Our ALUMINIUM trailers are designed to go anywhere and resist whatever the Australian climate can throw at them  – from Caravan Parks, to the Beach, the the Bush and beyond Timbucktoo, we make sure that you get many more years out of an Aluminium JIMBOOMBA CAMPER TRAILER, than you would get out of one of our competitors steel trailers.



Material selection is key to our construction. When we build our trailers we start with the proper use of each type of material from the chassis up.
Our galvanized chassis is 'form bent' by a specially designed machine which gradually bends the galvanised steel into the right degree without straining or stressing the material. What this also means is we have one piece chassis rails that go all the way from the back to the front. This creates better strength and durability in the chassis as there is no separation between draw bar and chassis that potentially creates a break point.
The main body of the camper trailer is made from Structural Grade Aluminium. The toolboxes and other sections of the trailer body are built out of Propeller Plate with a specific temper. The actually Propeller Plate temper used is the best for manipulating and bending without causing strain on the material. Once the main body frame is together the body is flipped and fully welded underneath to create a fully sealed unit. 
Then the Camper body is fixed to the Chassis utilizing a bonding agent as well as high tensile bolts. This technic and the use of a bonding agent not only secures the two components together but also stops electrolysis (which is what creates corrosion), therefore becoming an insulator between the galvanised chassis and aluminium body. 

Are your trailers Australian made?

Absolutely, all our camper trailers are manufactured on site near Jimboomba Queensland by our skilled craftsman. The canvas camp tops are produced in conjuction with a local Australian manufacturer and are rigiously tested by our quality control officer. All canvas used is Austrailian made and produced, every camper right through the range will have a minimum of 15 Ounce Aust. canvas used in the roof and 12 Ounce Aust. canvas used in the walls.  


Can I alter or modify your Camper Trailers to suit my individual needs and specifications?

Of course you can.

We deliver a range that can be built on to best suit you or your families needs. Our range has been built on what past and present customers expect but we understand that everyone's camping experience creates different requirements. You will always find that our team together with our skilled craftsmans can and will strive to accomodate any modifications you may request.

One size does not fit all. In fact all of our designs have standard inclusions that allow you to easily and simply upgrade at a later stage if your initial budget doesn't stretch to meet your wishlist.


Do I get a warranty when I buy a JIMBOOMBA CAMPER TRAILER?

As our valued member of the JIMBOOMBA CAMPER TRAILERS  family, you get a 2 year Structural Warranty on your trailer and 12 months standard Warranty on Canvas (terms and conditions apply).



You want to see value for money............... We deliver, so you can appreciate.

You want a product that lasts and stands up to the toughest conditions...............We deliver a product that was created and produced for Australian conditions.

You want a product that not only meets your expectations but exceeds and enhances you or your families camping experience............... We deliver not just any Camper Trailer but one that will create unforgettable memories in comfort

You want a product that can accommodate you now but also allow for upgrades and changes in the future that won't break the bank................. We deliver standard inclusions in all base ranges to allow the trailer to grow with your camping experiences.

You want customer service and piece of mind that the product your purchasing is warranted against defects and faults.............We deliver a full warranty and stand proudly beside an Australian produced product.