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Camper Trailer Upgrades

Canvas Upgrades

  • Sea Breeze Enclosure                                
  • Kitchen End Wall with Window                      
  • First Return Wall with Window                      
  • First Return Wall  No Window                             
  • Drought Skirt                                                       
  • Kids Room Provision                            
  • Kids Room Roof Only
  • Full Kids Room with Zip in Floor (Inside Room)  
  • Breeze Way in Trailer Skirt                 
  • Tropical Roof                      
  • Extra 8ft Wide Awning  with 2 x End Walls with Windows
  • Extra Door                                                  
  • 12ft Room (Maddison and Staircase Range)      

General Body Extras

  • Extra 20L Jerry Can Holder 
  • Extra 4.5kg Gas Holder                             
  • Standard Tool Box 1200 x 400 x 400          
  • Large Nose Cone Tool Box                                  
  • Locker Box On Side                                      
  • Battery Box Mounted on Guard                         
  • Roll Out Pantry Draw                                    
  • Drop In Trays Under Bed Base Small          
  • Drop In Trays Under Bed Base Large            
  • Generator Tool Box Upgrade (Fit door to side of tool box and draw slide for gen set with ventilation kit and blower exhaust)
  • Trailer Height Upgrade to 600 High Sides       
  • Extra Hand Pump on Guard                         
  • Extra 80L Water Tank                                
  • Upgrade to electric brakes with Handbrake     
  • Builders Type Boat Rack                                    
  • 90° Gas Strut Boat Rack                                     
  • 90° Gas Strut Boat Rack with Mesh Cage        
  • Out Board Motor Rack 15HP                    
  • Chassis Upgrade to 100mm Main Rail          
  • Draw Bar under Lay Extension                    
  • Stone guard
  • Shower Pump Kit (pump only with hose fittings mounted on d-bar

Independent AIR-BAR Suspension

  • Independent Air Bag Suspension with on-board air compressor (all models)

Power and Lighting                              

  • Charge Lead to Draw Bar with 50 AMP Anderson Plug               
  • If Dual Batteries Fitted – Link Battery and Fit Circuit Breakers   
  • 12 Volt LED Touch Lights
  • 7 Stage Switch Mode 12V 15 AMP Battery Charger
  • 7 Stage Switch Mode 12V 25 AMP Battery Charger                     
  • 7 Stage Switch Mode 12V 35 AMP Battery Charger                     
  • 7 Stage Switch Mode 12V 50 AMP Battery Charger                     
  • REDARC DC-DC Charger 25 AMP               
  • REDARC DC-DC Charger 40 AMP     
  • 240 Power, Safety Switch (plus 2 Double power points)
  • 105AMP AGM Battery
  • 130AMP AGM Battery       
  • Camp lighting kit (magnatised LED strip lighting)


  • Single Kitchen Bench Extension                                                       
  • Double Kitchen Bench Extension                                                     
  • Laminate Kitchen Tops                                                                       
  • Stainless Steel Bowl in lieu of Plastic Bowl
  • Extra draw or Adjustment to Kitchen Draw (all models)                                     
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Upgrade (Dometic S/Steel Round Sink with Glass Lid, 3 Burner S/Steel Stove with 12 Volt Ignition, flame failure and Glass Lid, Double Kitchen Bench,Kitchen Door, 12 Volt Pump and Laminated Top)
  • Kitchen Roll Out Draw   (Contact us for further details)                                                                     
  • Roll Out Gourmet Kitchen  (Contact us for further details)               


  • TV Console (LED TV/DVD Unit – Radio - Security Safe plus extra storage locker) (Staircase Models only)
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